Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2014

Cannibals are still real!

I've been busy with some non-HNW work during the last 10 months or so, but I'm still alive and doing fine!

Earlier this year Narcolepsia has released a crazy C-100 tape called "Eating guts":

The following releases have been submitted to labels some while ago and are being released some time in future:

  • split tape with Dead Body Collection on phage tapes.
  • "Massacre" tape on Robert Newsome's label (WGM)

In the next batch on Meat Hook Butchery there'll be a split with Wet Dream Asphyxiation. This has been long planned to be released as split tape but due to no label offers it will finally be released at least in digital form.

There are some more releases that I've been asked for in the past. But for now the next ones in line will be:

  • 4x CD-R box set on Victimology Recs. (thanks a lot for your patience Dr. Alex)
  • 6x CD-R box set featuring various of my projects (including Cannibal Ritual) on Altar of waste

Now get slaughtered and eaten!

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