Dienstag, 10. Januar 2017

Massacre time

Well it has been some time since last update. What story could I tell about the hiatus other than....

Right, so I'm currently working on a new release for CANNIBAL RITUAL. There's a good bunch of tracks I recorded during 2013 that were not released yet, and actually looking back on it I'm not so proud on some of releases I did back then. So I decided I finally use my new remix/master tools on them (I never did master any CR before) and after some playing around I figured this sounds now more like I originally intended to.

You can already stream one of those new tracks from my Bandcamp:

Other than finishing this one release over the next couple weeks there are currently no other plans. We'll see what happens next when I'm done with that.

As for the releases announced on my previous post:

  • split tape with Dead Body Collection has been released through phage tapes in June 2016 as I found out by chance a while ago. I had send my material in 2013 and then I don't know what happened but in the end I didn't even get notified of the release (my emails are still working, fuckers!!!) nor did I get any artist copies. It's also for sale on Dead Body Collection's Bandcamp for a hefty $7!! Suck this money up your ass!! DAMN IT! I know I'm not always so much present but they should have at least tried to contact me. But whatever, FUCK THEM, BOTH OF THEM! No thanks for this awesome cooperation!!
  • "Massacred" tape was supposed to be released by some label called WGM, but I never heard back anything about that. The first track from this tape is on the Bandcamp link above.
  • split with WDA. I didn't get around to release that one.
  • 4x CDR box on Victimology? No way this is going to happen! Fuck you, Dr Alex!

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