Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2018

Massacre time Pt. 2 and more upcoming shit!

After many stupid incidents when I've been lost in the jungle again (you know the story) things are moving on more steady these days! The release I announced more than a year ago has been completed in the meantime and is finally available!! Edition of 20 copies, like half of them are already gone!

New releases are on the way already! Material for 3 tapes and one cdr release have already been recorded and submitted to the respective labels. Some of them will be out very soon, others will take a little longer, so stay tuned!

I'll be also doing 2x cdr sets of some releases from 2013 that have only been available online previously. Those will include the material as available on Bandcamp but also feature additional tracks that have been recorded during this time! Could be, there'll also be a surprise with an even older release coming back for your bloody guts once more!

Upcoming releases:

  • "Hunting for manflesh" (tape on Geräuschmanufaktur)
  • "Savage slaughterers" (split tape with Dosis Letalis on Fall into void recs)
  • "Ritual rapture" (tape on Narcolepsia)
  • "Return of the Shamatari" (2x cdr set on Meat hook butchery)
  • "Punishment of the Yacumos" (2x cdr set on Meat hook butchery)
  • "Wild holocaust" (cdr on Meat hook butchery)
  • TBD (tape on Needle and Knife)

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